10 Pounds


My goal this month is to be down 10 pounds.

Last month I got myself into a good workout routine. Now that I have started that my next plan is to started a good diet and to pick up the routine so that it will help me start to lose weight and build muscle.

For the month of June, I am going to try the advance 30-day challenge. I am hoping that I can complete this and with a balance, diet loses the 10 pounds.

I will do weight ins weekly to let you know how the challenge is going. Wish me luck because I am going to need it.
To be honest I have never been able to complete a weight loss. I have gotten close to the goal weight and then end up failing. As I will be having to check in, I am hoping this will keep me going as sometimes I need a little push and this blog will be it.

Let’s go 10 lbs, you can get lost!!!




I have never been much of a water drinker. I was and still am one of those people that like a little flavor in my drink, so I always opted for the Juice. Yes, I know that is such a bad idea not only the sugar contact but all the acids I was drinking as well.

Now that I am going for the full change I have started drinking a lot more water. I am now getting the full daily dose of 8, 8 oz glasses or more sometime. I can’t believe the change I have noticed from it. First off I have noticed I am not as hungry as I used to be. I used to be a big snacker and now not as many snacks are being eaten by me. I have also noticed that my skin is starting to change just a bit. It is not a dry as it used to be. I always have had very dry skin and felt no cream was doing the trick.¬† Now just drinking a ton of water daily it has noticed that it is much more hydrated and not so flaky as it used to be.
I started my water intake by buying a bottle that has measurements on the side. it was a great way to let me know how much water I was in taking per day. For me, it was something that was needed.
I know when you purchase the water bottle it tells you but seeing on the side for me was key. I saw how much I drank in a gulp to how many more bottles I need to drink to have the recommended amount of water.
It has worked out great and now I am drinking the right amount of water each day. I still love to have my fruity tasty drinks but now that I drink way more water those sugar drinks have been cut in half and that is added to my road to a healthier life. Less sugar, less fat, less weight, more muscle.

Time for a Challenge

My step one has been finding something that I feel may work for me. I have done diets in the past, joined gyms for a month and tried to do pay as you go yoga classes. My problem is that once i have a week off because of something I may have had to go to for my children or myself like a school dance or sports game then it throws me all off my grove.

This time around I have decided to try an at home app for some easy training. I am trying the 30 day fitness challenge. I started on the first of May and am now on day 3. It has been the perfect amount of exercise to start me off with. The 20 minute workout I have started is their Easy full body workout and I have also have also added in a couple of stretches at the beginning and end of each workout. It’s first couple of days it has been pretty good. Different strengthening technique along with a bit of cardio. I think I may want to move up the cardio part a bit but other than that It has been real good and my muscles have been feeling it the next day.

I will keep you updated on how it goes and what i find for uping my cardio.