I have never been much of a water drinker. I was and still am one of those people that like a little flavor in my drink, so I always opted for the Juice. Yes, I know that is such a bad idea not only the sugar contact but all the acids I was drinking as well.

Now that I am going for the full change I have started drinking a lot more water. I am now getting the full daily dose of 8, 8 oz glasses or more sometime. I can’t believe the change I have noticed from it. First off I have noticed I am not as hungry as I used to be. I used to be a big snacker and now not as many snacks are being eaten by me. I have also noticed that my skin is starting to change just a bit. It is not a dry as it used to be. I always have had very dry skin and felt no cream was doing the trick.  Now just drinking a ton of water daily it has noticed that it is much more hydrated and not so flaky as it used to be.
I started my water intake by buying a bottle that has measurements on the side. it was a great way to let me know how much water I was in taking per day. For me, it was something that was needed.
I know when you purchase the water bottle it tells you but seeing on the side for me was key. I saw how much I drank in a gulp to how many more bottles I need to drink to have the recommended amount of water.
It has worked out great and now I am drinking the right amount of water each day. I still love to have my fruity tasty drinks but now that I drink way more water those sugar drinks have been cut in half and that is added to my road to a healthier life. Less sugar, less fat, less weight, more muscle.

Yoga Newbie

I wanted to add a little more to my workout plan and thought that yoga would be the perfect fit as it is strength and stretch all in one. I have done some yoga classes in the past but let put it this way I am still very much a beginner.

So being a beginner in the yoga world I have been on the hunt for some great first-time yoga tips and I have to say I have found some good ones that I want to share. all of the ones I have found can be done in the comfort of your own home. So no need to worry about having a crazy life and feel like you can’t make those classes. Or thinking that everyone in the class is going to be better than you. This way you can work at your own pace and build your strength and flexibly.

Here are some of the top yoga poses for beginners that most yogis recommend.

  1. The Child’s Pose
  2. Downward Facing Dog
  3. Upward Facing Dog
  4. Warrior Pose  1 & 2
  5. Triangle Pose
  6. Wide Leg Forward Fold
  7. Superman Pose
  8. Chair Pose
  9. Bridge Pose
  10. Plank Pose

All these poses are great and you get a full body workout.

I was able to get them to all flow into a really nice routine and had a good hold on each pose for around 10 – 30 seconds depending on my flexibility. I started off with the Childs pose as that was a good one to work into the rest and get the muscle loose and warmed up. When doing your routine try to do a few reps of each pose to get the full effect and don’t forget to do both the right and the left side when needed.

Happy Posing



Don’t Forget To Breathe

Today is the 5th day on my workout road and I am taking it as a rest day. Rest days are just as important as workout day I feel. Today is a day that my body needs so it can process and think about what it has been working on. The stomach muscles it has been using, the leg muscles that we have been strengthening and all the stretches that my body is not used to doing as it hasn’t done in a long time. I am also going to use this day as a breathing day.

Breathing exercises are just important for a full body workout and are excellent for your core muscles. How to take the breath in, how to control the breath and where to hold the breath in the body is very important to know.

It is the best way to do your breathing exercises are in a quiet place with your eyes closed. This way you can fulling think and control the breath and the movement of the body. I like to do them sitting down as that is how I feel comfortable.

Breath in through the nose hold the breath in your lungs for about 3 seconds and let it out through the mouth. Try this a few time and see how you feel. Don’t forget to relax the face and body while you do this.


Time for a Challenge

My step one has been finding something that I feel may work for me. I have done diets in the past, joined gyms for a month and tried to do pay as you go yoga classes. My problem is that once i have a week off because of something I may have had to go to for my children or myself like a school dance or sports game then it throws me all off my grove.

This time around I have decided to try an at home app for some easy training. I am trying the 30 day fitness challenge. I started on the first of May and am now on day 3. It has been the perfect amount of exercise to start me off with. The 20 minute workout I have started is their Easy full body workout and I have also have also added in a couple of stretches at the beginning and end of each workout. It’s first couple of days it has been pretty good. Different strengthening technique along with a bit of cardio. I think I may want to move up the cardio part a bit but other than that It has been real good and my muscles have been feeling it the next day.

I will keep you updated on how it goes and what i find for uping my cardio.





Day 1

This week has been step one of my road to a healthy, happier life.

I am starting this blog as my push to get fit, get toned and most important to be happy!

I am not a heavy person and would defiantly put myself in the average body type. I am also not unhappy with the way I look i just would like to feel more comfortable in my own skin and not always look at it as the the ugly mom body.  As summer is just around the corner I would like to feel a little more comfortable wearing my shorts, t shirt and of course my swimsuit. I have noticed as I have gotten older I have done a lot more covering up than I used to. I guess that comes with age and maybe being a mom could have something to do with that too!

So here it goes. My time to change and be happy with me and how I am and am going to be. My goal I am looking to achieve, is to feel more active and get out a whole lot more. I want to spend time with my boys running around and playing. Taking them on adventures and not having to worry about getting tired doing it. Not that this have ever happened to me in the past but you never know, tomorrow could be that day where I just cant keep up with them and I really just don’t want that.

My other goal is to look for tasty recipes that are healthy for me and my family. They will have be fast one as my week day evening don’t have tons of time.

I would also love to hear from you. All you fitness freaks with amazing workout routines, you foodies with great cooking ideas and all you extremely happy people, please share as I would love to hear what works for all of you.

I want to end this with a great quote i read “The best project you will ever work on is You!”