Morning Stretches


Start Stretching!

It’s always good to start your morning off with a good stretch. It helps with blood circulation and it relieves any tension from the night before. Do a bit of stretching or even some light yoga before you even get out of bed. Stretch your neck, back, legs and arms every morning and you will start to notice a big change in your body and movement.

As our bodies get older the muscles can get tight and lead to some stiffness. A couple of neck rolls, some knee bends and over the head arm stretch and help loosen the joints and muscles.

You can start easy by doing Some neck rolls at the front and back and side to side. Also stretch the arms above the head, in front of you and behind. For the legs do some toe points and flex. bring the knees to the chest pull in with your arms and release. If you are a little more advance and love Yoga you can start with a quick morning yoga routine to help release your stress and control your breathing. Not only is it meditating for your brain but also prepares your body and help freshen you up for the upcoming day.

A couple of big breaths in the morning can be really good. Gets the lungs moving and ready to go for the day. If you are not a morning person like myself, these stretch or yoga routines should not take very long so there is no need to wake up an hour earlier. Just about 5 to 10 mins should get you going.

Give it a try and let me know how your body is feeling. If you are doing a yoga routine I would love to hear of them as I like to changes things up everyone in a while.





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